Monday, August 03, 2015

Death sentence and modern civilization: The case for a normal way of life


We must not be sheeple and follow the outdated observations of the UN or any other government. The time has come to take a global view on cyclones,cloudbursts, extremes of rain, flash floods, landslides, earthquakes and climate change perspectives based on truth, not continue with the piecemeal efforts at mitigation characteristic of the society of specialists- modern civilization. Look at the pathetic compartmentalised TV newsreports for India and the world: Monsoon floods fury, Release of water by dams a cause for worry! The piecemeal reporters must wake up and see at least now the truth of Mahatma Gandhi's 1908 Hind Swaraj statement on modern civilization: Given enough time modern civilization will destroy itself. Wake up and see the whole: you have the legacy of the Bhagavad Gita, the timeless authorless 18 Chapters on ecological basis of leading a normal life. Its teaching: Reforest Mother Earth to Live from now on for the next millennia. Only God can make a tree. Trees are infinitely superior to the dammed idiocy of modern civilization: Letting out waters from the dams precisely when it is suicidal! Even though there may have been cases where better operation of dam releases (1) may have mitigated the tragedy, we must see that dams have caused the extremes in the first place and cannot but fail to predict the amount of dumping of water the  Komens would have consequently caused! Stop this khudkushi:
The solution to climate change is a normal civilization based on truth and not modern civilization whose foundations are false specializations. What a death sentence by modern civilization on itself: Mutually assured extinction of all beings.


(2) Ashok Kumar R. 1986. Modern Civilization and Normal Civilization: The Need for Small Self-Sufficient Communities. GANDHI MARG. Vol. 8. No.2. May 1986. Pp 70-92.


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