Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Fukushima Sampler on Extinction- Ocras and the rest in the Pacific

enenews December 10m 2014

Experts: 100% death rate for baby killer whales along West Coast — ‘Alarm bells ring’ as no newborns have survived in past 3 years — “This is absolutely the worst thing possible”, pregnant orca dies with decomposing stillborn full-term fetus inside — “We’re going to lose them… they’ll be extinct for sure” (VIDEO)

Fukushima extinction event the cause.
Read the essay below for the truth:
What a statement of truth! I am full of admiration for your work of great significance. May I please have those e mail IDs(send to
Similar has been my experience when writing the article:
Modern civilization built on false foundations is full of such paycheck stories. For example within the oceans the world's dams are causing such violent mixing that all oceanic creatures and their dependents will quickly bioaccumulate poisons  and die off. See


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