Sunday, July 26, 2015

The great wall of Chinese nuclear insanity

Citizens, watch out. We are in for several Fukushimas in modern civilization in this new century.Thanks to its suicidal nature. Modern civilization will destroy itself causing extinction.Note first that it takes 100000 MW energy capacity for every 1000 MW of nuclear capacity installed because of the need to power the nuclear waste management for 100 million years. Thus this program of nuclear energy is a dud in the extreme. These 58000 MW of nuclear capacity by 2020 require the simultaneous hydro capacity expansion of 30000 MW for stability of the grid with these monoliths of base load nukes. That why the hurry of China to build the world's tallest dams, like the one on the tributary of the Yangtse which will give 2000 MW of hydro power. In this process China will foolishly plug many rivers to create death dealers of modern civilization.These hydro plants together with the rest of the world's hydros will send surge waves around the earth creating earthquakes and tsunamies like the ones which caused the 9.3 MM magnitude Banda Ache great quake of 26 Dec 2004 and the 11 March 2011 9.0 MM magnitude great earthquake which caused the ongoing extinction process at Fukushima. These hydros are directly heating up the earth to cause climate change resulting in earthquakes,landslides,cloudbursts, flash floods and rainfall extremes. In this way these designs of modern civilization are generically incapable of meeting needs of humanity without simultaneously causing complete self destruction. Desist! Check out by google search The Consequences of the Self destructive nature of modern civilization-KUDANKULAM AND THE WORLD'S DAMS.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your work, navilu. You are doing a great job raising awareness about dams, earthquakes, and the stupidity of nuclear energy.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

If only humans could recognise the true properties of trees they would opt for them as infinitely superior to dams.

2:09 AM  

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