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1. My study regarding such disappearances reveals a common antecedent to this phenomenon: The surge forces applied by worldwide dam content changes on the plane during its flight from take off to disappearance. This common antecedent is the cause or one of the causes for the phenomenon. The earthquakes that occurred worldwide during the plane’s flight provide the data for determining the total worldwide dam content change that occurred during each earthquake during the flight. The results are shown in Figure 1: Dam Surge in multiples of max total engine thrust, Sukhoi disappearance on 23 May 2017 after take off from Tezpur at 5 hrs UTC:

2. Table 1 shows the data and my analysis of the flight and the forces applied. It is obvious that the forces applied by the dam surges are many orders of magnitude more than the Maximum Total Engine Thrust the plane is capable of. The design basis shows a huge lacuna as far as this phenomenon is concerned.

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Marine Biology 2017 Pacific Ocean:
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Whats the situation in Seattle? Any quantification?
See this action by dams:
25 April 2017- 31st Chernobyl Anniversary

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Earthquakes are being rigidly determined by the world's dams( Ref's 1,2).
Readers must take note and react for the sake of all life.

See Figure 1 below for a snapshot of the earthquakes caused by dams of the world. The data on the quakes is in Table 1(EMSC data).

In Figure 1, the numbers of the earthquake locations are the sequence in which they took place.
For the hydrological year June 2016 to May 2017, the centre of gravity of the water masses  behind the world’s dams as on 20 April 2017 is at 26.19, 108.31.    The Water moment is applied by the dams from their centre of gravity on each of these earthquake hypocenters simultaneously and hence it is divided among the hypocenter locations. As the dam contents change in response to water consumption needs of societies across the world, the dynamics of the changes in the water moment cause an earthquake to occur. At the location where the earthquake occurs, the entire water moment is applied there causing the rock to melt there. Thereafter the water moment at this location drastically changes and the dynamics of the earthquake occurrence at the next fortuitious location starts. This dynamic process triggered by the dynamics of water demand at the reservoirs manifests itself in the snapshot of the damquakes studied in Figure 1.  
If dam surges – surges of water moments- are behind these earthquakes(Ref 1), the ratio of the water moments for any two given groups of earthquakes will be the ratio of the mean distances from the center of gravity of the water masses behind the dams  for these two groups. Further this ratio must equal the mean seismic moment ratio for these two groups as well as equal the ratio of the number of earthquakes and that of the inverse of the mean time between the earthquake groups.
Dividing the earthquakes into two sets- one set for the longitude range 0- the longitude of the center of gravity of the waters behind the dams(108.31 in this case) and the other set for the earthquakes between 0 to 108.31 via longitudes -180 and 180.
See Table 2 for the excellent results confirming again the cause- the dam surges for the earthquakes. See also Ref 2   for other damning results against the dams.

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