Saturday, December 20, 2014

Modern Civilization's Dams continue their destructive spree round the clock everyday.Barge sinks off Nagapattinam 19 December 2014

Barge sinks off Nagapattinam


An engineer was missing after a barge carrying 60 tonnes of essential commodities and diesel to a ship engaged in exploration activities off Nagapattinam coast sank in the sea, Coast Guard officials said.”

Last evening, the barge developed a problem when it was off Nagapattinam coast with workers spotting an oil leak. When the engineer was trying to set things right, a glass pane of the barge broke and sea water started getting in following which it started sinking.”

The analysis that the barge sinking was probably caused by global  dam geodynamics is in the tables below:
I apply the precautionary principle and make the following analysis:

The sinking occurred after a hit by the dam surge at the location of the barge off Nagapattinam when the dam contents changed by 261 BCM and caused a surge wave at a power of 480000 terawatts impulse to hit the barge which then started to leak. This may have occurred as the world dam surge was traveling from an earth quake at Oregon to an earthquake at Alaska(Table).
These cumulative instantaneous surges by dams as the world meets its water needs by dams will cause many more and much more damaging occurrences like Fukushima, in the future.
At the center of gravity of the reservoirs of the world estimated at 25.48, 107.7 a water moment is exerted all round the center of gravity by  the  water masses behind the dams. As water needs suddenly change, in this case by some 260 BCM, the instantaneous change in the water moment got converted to an impulse surge of 480000 terawatts at the Oregon earthquake location to result in the earthquake. The dynamic transients thereafter caused the barge to sink off Nagapattinam coast west of the center of gravity of the dams. Thereafter the surge caused an earthquake at Talkeetna, Alaska.

Get an idea of the turbulence most probably due to dam geodynamics at the location off the Nagapattinam coast:

World Rainfall 3 hourly:

World Rainfall accumulation for past 7 days:


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