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Modern civilization and its nuclear energy programs: Kakrapar emergency, the latest warning.

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Applying a power of a million terawatts, the world’s dam surges seem to have been successful in damaging the newly retubed reactor-1 at Kakrapar on 24 November 2015, hours before two major 7.6 MM magnitude earthquakes struck Peru and Brazil. The reactor 1 was retubed en masse in 2011.
Extract of the CEA generation report for Kakrapar for 27 November 2015 is shown below. From this extract it is clear that there was a forced outage of Kakrapar 1 three and a half months before the unit suffered the March 11 2016  forced shut down due to a Primary Heat Transport System tube break, dumping 70 tons of highly radioactive heavy water. The March 11 CEA generation report extract is also shown below. Apparently the unit suffered a leak before break of the PHTS on 25 November 2015 at 00:03 IST i.e. on 24 November 2015 at 18:33 UTC and was brought back on line on 27 November 2015 at 05:17 hrs IST i.e. on 26 November 2015 at 23:47 hrs UTC, a total of 53 hrs, 14 minutes. See the extract of CEA generation report for 26 November 2015(IST Report).
There were at least 800 passes of dam surges at the Kakrapar site before the 24th November forced outage happened.
Just how many of these passes were involved in dealing a crippling blow to the Kakrapar reactor before the 24th November trip out occurred cannot be assessed from the data in front of the public. From the generation reports for November 2015, December 2015, January 2016, February 2016 and March 2016 it cannot be gleaned that after 27th November there were any generation failures till March 11 2016.


Kakrapar heavy water leak at around 3:30 hrs utc on 11 March 2016,
Location: 21.2996, 73.3664.
At the same time the surge wave due to the world's dams was creating a dam related event, an earthquake:
2016-03-11, 03:40:56.0, 6.81,-73.17,142,2.1 MM, Northern Columbia.
Kakrapar Unit 1 automatically shut down and plant emergency was declared.
It's a familiar story for me who has been following occurrences in modern civilization.
1. There is damning evidence implicating the surges created by the dynamics of the world's dams causing damage to parts of modern civilization and the whole, like its infrastructure. In the process, nuclear reactors are not spared. See Predicting Earthquakes: The science of dams causing
earthquakes and climate change, regarding the damage to Kudankulam reactor on the occasion of the 25 April 2015 Nepal earthquake at Lamjung: Link at
This probably was also the reason why the reactor remained shut for 7 months!
2.Other precedents caused by dams of the world:
2.1 The Chernobyl explosion catastrophe still ongoing having already resulted in a million excess cancer deaths: See

The Chernobyl Disaster : The World's dam surges may have caused the unprecedented power surges

at the link

2.2 The Fukushima Daichi triple core melt and spent fuel pool explosion of 11 March 2011: See
The nuclear effect in causing earthquakes at the link
This ongoing extinction breeder, my research shows, may kill all babies born in India from 2028 every year. See Stop nuclear energy programmes: 



3. All this to what profound end?
Even thirty years after the begin of the nuclear energy programme, be it the usa's or of France or of Japan or of India, there was and there would be in India's case, absolutely no electricity delivered to society outside the nuclear industry: See energy audit of the Indian nuclear programme at

And even thereafter, society will still stare at the fact that in the nuclear energy programme, all the energy produced by it goes to manage its nuclear wastes for millions of years. And more much more will be consumed from society for a hundred million years!
This energy audit of nuclear energy programmes is ignored by the critics rooted in modern civilization.
See for example:
A. Gopalakrishnan. 1999. Issues in Nuclear Safety. Frontline. Vol. 16 :: No. 06 :: Mar. 13 - 26, 1999 
"The reactors at RAPS-1, MAPS-1 and 2, the Narora Atomic Power Station-1 and 2 (NAPS-1 and 2) and the Kakrapar Atomic Power Station-1 (KAPS-1) will have to be re-tubed en masse between six and eight full-power years."
Have the authorities done this? How many times? Even if they did this the dams with their hundreds of thousands of terawatts applied for seconds will be beyond any design basis modern civilization can ever think of!


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