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Worldwide Earthquakes are Caused by the World's Dams

Worldwide earthquakes are caused by the World’s Dams

By Ramaswami Ashok Kumar,B.E.,M.E(Power Engg., Electrical), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.
© 2016 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

Year to year world dam capacity data is available from the data base maintained by the World Commission on Dams and the worldwide earthquake data base is maintained for example by the USGS. Using these, analysis shows that the pattern of worldwide annual earthquake numbers is mathematically an exact replica of the pattern of the world annual dam capacity. The dams of the world cause
rigidly the world’s earthquakes. The scientific basis of this conclusion is derived step by step including the plausibility of the phenomenon.

1. Yearly dam capacity and corresponding earthquake response.

The following figure(Figure 18 Ch 18) shows the deterministic relation between dam capacity build up and the number of earthquakes. The number of earthquakes worldwide as a function of dam capacity follows a 6th degree polynomial relation with less than 2 percent variations
unexplained. In fact the dam capacity in percent of its maximum value is interchangeable with the percent mean percent annual number of earthquakes worldwide each expressed as a percentage of its maximum value( Chi square distribution: Sum X^2= 21.58,p=0.99, df=40).

2. The dynamics of the earthquake response to dams.

The monsoon and the rains worldwide fill up the reservoirs while water needs are met for a variety of purposes like electricity demands, agricultural and industrial demands and domestic consumption. Thus at any instant the sum total of of the changes in world reservoir contents amount to hundreds of billions of cubic meters which may vary from 100 billion cubic meters(BCM) to more than 4000
BCM (26 December 2004, Andaman Sumatra Great Damquake of 9.3 MM with a tsunamis and seiches). At the centre of gravity of the dam waters (25.9, 113.4) these amount to a sudden change in water pressure head of 100 million kilometers to 4000 million kilometers!
This results in giant sledge hammer effects translated into Love and Rayleigh waves traveling through the earth with forces and water moments exerted at faults of magnitude equivalent to a great earthquake. Up to 20 percent or more of the magnitudes of these water moments convert to seismic moments of earthquakes like the great 9.0 MM Fukushima(Tohoku) quake and tsunami.
These total changes in water contents of the world’s reservoirs at any instant are a 6th degree polynomial  function of the dam capacities as they build up from year to year. The 6th degree polynomial function (See Figure 18 Ch 18 ) for the total dam content changes at any instant as a function of world dam capacity explains more than 95% of the variations. Note that the linear regressions for the
earthquakes and the dam content changes with total world reservoir capacity practically coincide! The chi square fit of the mean of the mean dam content changes with the mean of dam capacity shows that the two parameters are interchangeable(Chisquare distribution: Total X^2= 18.31,df=40, p= 0.9987). See Figure 19 Ch19. Note that the 6th degree polynomial function of mean of the mean dam
content changes at any instant with mean world dam capacity is a perfect fit : R^2 = 0.9974.

The changes in the instantaneous contents of the reservoirs of the world determine the number of earthquakes ocurring worldwide: See Figure 24Ch24 below:

Not very different from the significant correlation of the mean of worldwide earthquakes with the mean worldwide dam content change, see Figure 22Ch22 below:

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